Online Retailer Pulls Belts Because Radioactive Accessories Are Neither Stylish Nor Healthy

“Ooh, what are you wearing? You’re simply glowing.” That is definitely a compliment, unless, of course, the glow is coming from a radioactive material. One online retailer has had to withdraw a batch of metal-studded belts over claims that they were radioactive, and could cause harm to the wearer after 500 hours.

The Guardian claims to have seen an internal report by Asos which says that the leather belts are now being held in a radioactive storage facility after testing positive for Cobalt-60. A total of 49 of the belts were sold across 14 countries — including one that was reportedly pulled by U.S. Border control and tested positive. The report supposedly says: “None of these belts are suitable for public use or possession.”

An Asos spokesman says it’s working on the situation:

“A product supplied to Asos did not meet UK health and safety standards. Asos worked with all relevant authorities and undertook a precautionary product recall, in line with our high standards of quality and customer care. No other Asos product lines are affected. Asos continues to work with the relevant regulatory authorities and is in dialogue with the supplier and the factory workers involved to ensure a satisfactory outcome.”

That seems to put the blame squarely on its supplier, but that company claims that the accusations aren’t true — that the belts in question are different from theirs. The supplier also claims it’s been refused permission to inspect the belts at the center of the controversy. Asos wants the supplier to pay £100,000 in recall charges, which is not going over well with the company.

“I have been writing to Asos for months now in an attempt to see the belts they claim are mine, but I’ve been turned away and fobbed off, and now I’m being told I’m banned from inspecting them,” the supplier said.

Asos pulls belts in radioactive scare [The Guardian]

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