Samsung Thinks Women Would Upgrade Husbands Into Creepy Housework Robots

evolvedIf you could upgrade your partner’s skills and abilities with a bit of hardware or software, would you do it? To promote their “Evolution Kit” that upgrades the processor and capabilities of their smart TVs, a Samsung ad imagines what would happen if humans had similar upgrade capabilities. In the ad, a woman upgrades her husband into a creepy and robotic super-capable version of Rosie from “The Jetsons.” 

What really bothers many viewers, though, is that the husband starts as a snack-munching, TV-watching oaf in the Homer Simpson/Peter Griffin mold. After his upgrade, he cooks, cleans, redecorates, and entertains the baby all at once while his wife sits at a table and smiles indulgently.

It’s an effective spot in that it gets across what the evolution kit does, and it also has attracted a lot of free publicity: 10 million views as of today.

Evolutionary Husband? [YouTube]
Samsung Presents Advertising’s Most Idiotically Primitive Husband Ever [AdWeek] (Thanks, Rowell!)

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