Timbuk2 Can’t Fix My Backpack: Sends Me $100 Credit Toward A New One Instead

daypackLaurel bought her backpack from Timbuk2 in 2006. While that’s practically the blink of an eye if you’re the person in charge of stocking electronics and video games at Walmart, seven years is kind of a long time as far as product warranties go. Not for Timbuk2, though. When they learned that her bag was no longer water-resistant and had lost the rubber coating its bottom, that would not do. She sent an e-mail asking whether she could send it in for a warranty repair. They couldn’t fix it for her. Instead, they sent her a credit for a replacement bag.

Hi there, Consumerist; I first bought a Timbuk2 Track Daypack backpack in 2006. By summer 2012, I had used it daily. The rubberized bottom had started peeling off, and it had lost its water resistance. I wrote to the website asking if I could possibly have my beloved pack repaired- I’d be willing to pay- and they said to mail it in for a warranty examination.

A month later I still hadn’t heard back about my backpack, so I wrote asking for an update. Timbuk2 asked for my USPS tracking information, so I sent that along by email. An hour later they offered me a $99 credit for any new bag off their website. I spent a bit more and got two bags. Above and beyond, needless to say, and they’ve certainly made a lifelong customer and Timbuk2 advocate out of me.

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