Amy’s Baking Company Cancels Press Conference Under Lawsuit Threat From Gordon Ramsay’s Production Company

Operating on the sound principle of “if you can’t say anything nice, shut your trap,” the couple who own Amy’s Baking Company, the famed self-immolating bistro in Arizona, have canceled this afternoon’s press conference. Why is that? Did they decide to dedicate the afternoon to training their new staff and revamping the menu instead? Have too many Yelpers threatened to show up? Well, no–the production company behind Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” sent them a letter reminding them that if they “disparage the show, the host, or its producers,” they’ll owe “liquidated damages of $100,000.” Keeping this in mind, they just went ahead and canceled the press conference.

According to the letter, which the Phoenix Business Journal has posted, the program’s participants are allowed to acknowledge that yes, they were on the program…and that’s about it.

The restaurant also happens to be parting ways with its publicist, a Scottsdale specialist in damage control. Speaking with the Arizona Republic, he didn’t elaborate other than to say that they disagreed over future strategies.

More than 1,500 people have tried to get reservations at tonight’s grand-reopening event. If you’re one of the lucky diners, we’d love to hear from you. Just don’t open up your smartphone’s Yelp app while in the building.

Amy’s Baking Company gets lawsuit threat, nixes conference [Arizona Republic] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)
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