Warranty On My Sears Air-Conditioning Might Be Voided Because Sears Won’t Call Me Back

None of these people called Donna back.

None of these people called Donna back.

A year ago, Sears installed a new air-conditioning system for Consumerist reader Donna. The system also includes a warranty that requires someone come out once a year to do a maintenance check, but after two months of trying to get someone out to her house, Donna was looking that the possibility of her warranty being voided because no one would return her calls.

Donna says she made her first call on March 20.

“I spoke with a live person who told me that they would call me back with a date for the following week that a service technician would be there,” she writes. “However, no one called me back.”

She gave them a few more days to call but after realizing she was being stood-up, she tried again. Once again, no call back with a date for an appointment.

Since my initial call, I have called Sears 6 more times and still no response,” she tells Consumerist, adding that one Sears rep promised her that her call was being escalated to a manager, but still no one was calling her back to schedule an appointment.

With only two days to go before the one-year mark, and fearing that her warranty would be voided because no one had bothered to call her back, Donna contacted Consumerist.

We were luckily able to get someone at Sears HQ on the case. Within a few hours of giving our contact the details, someone was in touch with Donna to confirm her address and account info. Meanwhile, the rep assured us that Donna’s warranty would not be voided because of these delays.

And this morning, there was a service tech at the house, ready to perform the maintenance check.

“For something that took only 15 minutes to do, it took them 2 months to actually get it scheduled,” writes a relieved Donna. “The service technician was smart and efficient, which was really nice to see.”

Of course, this being Sears, things weren’t without a hitch.

“The only issue I have is that although it was me who made all the calls to Sears, they called my husband to confirm the appointment,” says Donna. “So I wasn’t aware they were coming this morning until last night.”

A rep for Sears tells Consumerist that, “We strive to provide the best customer experience possible and are happy to report that service is being scheduled.”

Though the rep claims Donna’s case is isolated, he says that customers who are not having luck with the Home Services 800-number can also try the live chat online at http://services.sears.com/repair or try reaching out to the company via Facebook or Twitter.

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