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Buy A Plan From Sears Home Services, Get Even Less Service Than Before

Doug was working from a false assumption. He thought that the entity called “Sears Home Services” actually had the ability to diagnose and repair home appliances. Maybe someone around the office does, but none of the technicians who came out to work on his Kenmore washer and dryer seemed to know how to fix it. They were happy to sell him a service plan to cover the expense of those fruitless visits, though. [More]

None of these people called Donna back.

Warranty On My Sears Air-Conditioning Might Be Voided Because Sears Won’t Call Me Back

A year ago, Sears installed a new air-conditioning system for Consumerist reader Donna. The system also includes a warranty that requires someone come out once a year to do a maintenance check, but after two months of trying to get someone out to her house, Donna was looking that the possibility of her warranty being voided because no one would return her calls. [More]