Target Testing Out Its Own Streaming Video Service With Employees

Welcome to the games, Target.

Welcome to the games, Target.

Is there something missing from your streaming video routine? Perhaps, but even if you’re totally sated by the players already in the online video arena, Target is reportedly getting ready to throw its own hat in the ring with a Netflix-like movie service. Thus far it’s only testing it out with its own employees.

From the looks of the beta site (via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune) the Target Ticket service will work across multiple devices. The service claims to offer “instant access to 15,000 titles, new releases, classic movies and next-day TV.” It’ll allow either streaming or downloading of content.

Anyone interested in sniffing around will be stymied, however, as right now the site requires a Target employee login to access whatever content is already in there.

Target confirmed to the Star-Tribune that it’s testing out the video service but is staying mum on all the relevant details, so it’s unclear when/if the service will roll out to the general public.

It’s enough to make us curious about exactly how Target will distinguish itself in an already crowded market that’s dominated by heavy-hitters like Netflix and Hulu (along with another retailer’s bid for customers, Walmart’s Vudu service), but as always, the more options people have to choose from, the better.

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