Papa John’s Delivery Guy In Trouble Because Cocaine Is Not A Legal Pizza Topping

Sometimes when you order a pizza there are add-ons and specials, like a large pizza with two toppings and a two-liter of Coca-Cola. But one delivery man was allegedly offering another add-on — coke and a pizza. And by coke, we mean cocaine, and by pizza, we mean sometimes people didn’t even order a pizza, and he just allegedly used the insulated bags to tote his haul anyway.

New York City narcotics prosecutors announced the arrest yesterday, reports the New York Post, after officials said the man dealt cocaine to an undercover cop while still in his Papa John’s garb.

He allegedly handed off as much as a kilo at a time, by keeping the drugs hidden in his pizza delivery bag and handing the stash off right outside the store sometimes, often with a pizza box or a box of chicken nuggets, say cops.

During the two years officials say his little side business was in operation, the man sold a total of $45,000 in coke in 19 sales. There’s no word on whether he was tipped or even bothered to include the ranch dressing you asked for.

‘Coke’ and a slice: B’klyn man used pizza job as cover for drug sales [New York Post]

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