Customer Sues Red Lobster, Claiming It Sold Him A Beer Tainted With A Corrosive Cleaning Agent

Something's fishy at Red Lobster.

Something’s fishy at Red Lobster.

While there are those out there who have accused Budweiser of being watered down, one Red Lobster customer in Dallas would likely take a beer diluted with simple, non-poisonous water over the caustic concoction he claims he was served recently. In town from Panama City on a business trip, he and a pal were out to dinner when the alleged tainted beer made its way to his mouth.

According to Eric Nicholson at the Dallas Observer’s Unfair Park blog, the man said it took just a second for him to feel a burning sensation in his throat, esophagus and stomach. He had a feeling that wasn’t right, and headed to the hospital. There, he was treated for  inflammation and ulceration of his esophagus and pharynx.

While the pain finally lessened, he says doctors told him he’ll likely have infections, acid reflux and difficulty swallowing to look forward to yet.

In a lawsuit filed last week in Dallas County, the man claims the burning he experienced was caused by a mouthful of potassium hydroxide, a lye-like cleaning agent. He says Red Lobster didn’t properly rinse out the Budweiser keg that morning after disinfecting it with the stuff.

According to the lawsuit, which is claiming Red Lobster was negligent in serving him the allegedly tainted beer, the man is also suing the supplier in charge of cleaning the kegs. He’s seeking damages of under 100,000 for mental and physical suffering, emotional distress and medical expenses.

Customer Claims a Dallas Red Lobster Served Him Beer Laced with Caustic Poison [Dallas Observer]

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