Just Being Friendly To Customer Service Reps Can Reap Rewards

We’ve always advised readers to keep their cool when dealing with customer service, regardless of how grievous the error or inept the service. And if you want to get even more out of your customer service call, attempting to make a personal connection with the rep could be the key.

Our more stylish siblings at Shop Smart recently talked to customer service expert Jeanne Bliss, who provided a handful of tips on getting CSRs to listen to your problems.

Among those, is simply asking the rep “How’s your day?”

“Personally connecting with customer-service representatives warms them up to the conversation,” explains Bliss.

She says — and this is something we’ve heard before from CSRs in just about every industry — the phone reps often have small perks they can toss a customer’s way without even having to speak to a manager. This can mean discounts, return-date extensions, fee waivers, and more.

And even in the case where the CSR does need supervisor approval to offer these extras, you’re much more likely to get to that supervisor if you’re not demonstrating your grasp of obscure obscenities.

Of course, one can go too far when trying to create that personal connection with a CSR. It’s perfectly fine to ask someone how they are doing, it’s another to ask what color underwear the CSR is wearing.

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