San Francisco Can Now Ban Passengers Who Treat The Subway As A Personal Toilet

As of yesterday, if you’re thinking of taking a ride on San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit, known as the BART, you better make your pit stop at the potty before you get on the train. Because if you’re one of those people treating the cars as your own personal bathroom, BART officials can now ban you.

It’s unfortunate that repeat tinklers couldn’t be banned before, because it’s gross to come face to face with human waste on your morning commute.

The new transit law now in effect lets police give the heave-ho to unruly passengers, troublemakers and protestors, as well as people popping a squat, notes San Francisco Weekly (which is definitely the most excited about the bodily functions ban) and RT News.

State Assembly Bill 716 allows BART police to issue “prohibition orders” for passengers who are even just accused of breaking the rules. Any citation or arrest for felony acts, including “lewd and violent behavior” will earn that person an immediate ban, which is then effective for anywhere from 30 days to up to a year.

If you don’t break a super serious rule, you can still get banned if you do so three times in three months.

In other words, be prepared to strap on your walking shoes if you can’t hold it on the train, folks.

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