Cast Into Alienware’s Dell Hell, Not Sure Why

M17XTommy is trapped in one of the more tragic outer circles of Dell Hell. His sin? He’s not entirely sure, and Dell will not tell him. All he knows is that his Alienware laptop won’t charge, his account is mysteriously “on hold,” and no one at Dell will talk to him.

I have been a big fan of Dell for a long while, I even bought 2 alienware laptop just cause I love them so much…

Well recently, the adapter for my M17X give out… and is unable to charge my laptop, as a result, I was unable to use the laptop. Well my laptop is still under warranty, so I give that number a call. I was told that my account was on hold, and that I need to talk to the resolution department… after MANY MANY transfer, I hit a dead end, the computer voice told me that the number is no longer avaliable and I was disconnected. Never had a chance to talk to anyone in that department.

I am not even sure why my account is on hold, I was told I was suppose to send something back and never did… That is the first time that even came up.

So all I am asking for is to know what is happening with my account, or be able to talk to someone that can at least TELL ME what is wrong with my account, so I can start having the customer service that I sorely need.

As of right now, I bought a generic charger for the laptop, and… sadly… I got the plug in but not charging message… therefore my expensive laptop, became, essentialy, a desktop.

Better than becoming a doorstop, but still not ideal. If Alienware’s policy is that adapters aren’t covered under warranties, they should say so…but parts like that also have their own manufacturer’s warranty.

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