Man Who Lost $2600 In Carnival Game Claims He’s Not As Stupid As You Think He Is

banananananannanaThe man who invested $2600 in winning an Xbox Kinect at a New Hampshire carnival is not as stupid as you think he is, okay? In a recent interview, he elaborated on the news reports on him, explaining that the nefarious carny who took his money had assured him that he would receive all of his money back in exchange for attracting a huge crowd around the game. It was only after he returned to the booth and only got $600 back that he realized something was wrong.

I was jumping around, you know, I was pretty excited. The guy said, you get ten baskets in, we’ll give you an Xbox Kinect. We’re gonna give you all of your money back for keeping all of these people happy and all of these people interested. … They were doing it like it was a promotion thing.

Even then, we’re not about to present the “Savvy Consumer of the Year” award to him, even if we had such a thing.

He met up in a Connecticut park with a staffer from the site CollegeHumor to exchange the giant rasta banana he won, as promised, for $2600 and an Xbox. We are happy to report that the infamous mark and the humor website made their exchange, and the banana now has a place of honor at the CollegeHumor offices.

We are the Proud Owners of a $2,600 Stuffed Banana [CollegeHumor]

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