Instagram Becomes More Like Papa Facebook With New Photo-Tagging Feature

This just got real.

This just got real.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree in the Facebook family, it seems, although we’re honestly surprised it took this long: In a like father, like acquired property move, Instagram will now feature a photo-tagging function, so you can tag friends, things and oh yeah — brands. You can be your own little advertiser!

“Photos of You” will work thusly, says Instagram in a blog post: Users of the iOS or Android app can tag any account they follow while they’re uploading it. The person/place/thing that gets tagged will receive a notification, and can then decide to publicly display that photo on their own Instagram profile in the brand spankin’ new “Photos of You” section.

You won’t be able to go sifting through old photos your friends took of you and tag them yourself after the fact, however, so you’ll have to stick to vanity selfies that your friends will invariably make fun of your for taking the next day. Or just whine “tag me, tag me, tag meee!” when your pals takes a shot of you.

This is the kind of thing many Instagram users were worried about when Facebook first gobbled the company up — that Instagram would cease to be a simple way to share and like photos, and morph into well, something like Facebook. That day has come, friends, and we doubt this is the last Facebookian update Instagram will see.

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