If You Could Wear A Shirt 100 Times Without Needing To Wash It, Would You?

Staring at a pile of dirty, rumpled, wrinkled and otherwise soiled clothing that needs to be washed is fun for nobody. But what if you had one shirt you didn’t have to worry about wrinkling or stinking for 365 days — would you skip washing it if was made with that functionality as part of its design?

Over at Thrillist they’re talking about a dress shirt from a company that sounds very fancy indeed: The shirt is made from a “proprietary” wool blend that makes it so the shirts supposedly last six times longer than traditional cotton buttondowns, but can also be worn 100 times in between washes.

They’re meant to stay stink-free and smooth during that time, kind of like that pair of jeans that were last washed, gosh, you can’t remember when.

All these assurances aside, is this kind of disgusting or a reason to celebrate freedom from the weekly rinse cycle? Also we’re going to need someone to make this kind of clothing possible in pants, under garments, socks and basically every article of clothing.

A dress shirt you only need to wash once a year [Thrillist]