Target Still Struggles With Reality, Thinks ‘More Than’ Is A Meaningless Marketing Phrase



It’s kind of confusing when phrases like “more than” and “over” have become nothing more than meaningless marketing buzzwords. Three and a half years ago, we brought you a set of light-blocking curtains that block more than 100% of light. It sounds nice, but is physically impossible. Reader Liz found a similar marketing oddity at Target, where a sign brags about a discount of “more than” $20 when the discount is, in fact, exactly $20.

Math has never been my strong point, which is why I was a French major. In any language, “more than” does not mean “precisely equal to.” Tipster Liz agrees, though. “I’ll admit, I did the math in my head,” she writes, “but I’m pretty sure that’s a savings of EXACTLY $20.”

Not that it matters, since she spotted this sign still on the shelf two weeks after the sale ended.

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