Microsoft Trying To Get A Grip On Customers’ Online Privacy Concerns With New Campaign

In a time when almost any aspect of our lives can be translated into online terms and our personal information collected, tracked and used like so much currency, many people are understandably concerned about privacy in the virtual world. Microsoft is attempting to show its customers that it’s on top of things with a new campaign dedicated to discussing online privacy.

In a blog post today on the company site, Mary Snappy, Deputy General Counsel of Microsoft, announced the start of the campaign. She says it’s a way for the computing “industry to work together to give people more choice and control over how information is collected and shared online.”

The campaign is kicking off with ads in Washington, D.C. and Kansas City, Mo. and an online “Your Privacy Type” quiz that seeks to suss out how consumers actually feel about online privacy.

The categories range from “Privacy Please” to “Carefree Surfer.” Turns out I’m apparently a “Privacy Procrastinator,” which means: “You understand the importance of privacy settings but haven’t yet taken the steps to adjust all of your online access points, because you’re not quite sure where to start.” Not gonna say I agree with that, but nice try, Microsoft.

Microsoft then offers up some tips for me, that lo and behold, include bragging rights (Microsoft… “was recognized as one of 2012’s most trusted companies by the Ponemon Institute—so you can look to us for help” and a link to privacy info for Windows 8, which I don’t use).

It remains to be seen what else Microsoft will do with the information it culls from the survey beyond ads and quizzes touting its own efforts in the realm of online privacy.

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