Fitbug Keeps Getting Fitbit’s Phone Calls, Notices Similar Name, Sues

bitsbugsTiny movement-trackers are the new hotness in gadgets, and there’s a lot of competition. Still, we’d love to know why it is that U.K.-based Fitbug just now noticed that the American brand Fitbit has a very similar product to theirs, with a very similar name, when the latter product has been around since 2007.

It’s not just about having names that begin with “fit” and contain a three-letter word beginning with the letter “B.” Fitbug is the older company, and claims in a press release that they’ve owned the trademark on that name since 2005. Indeed, we checked, and they applied to register it in December of 2004. Fitbit came about in 2007. Fitbug either just noticed, or is planning a big push into the American market soon.

In their press release, Fitbug claims that they keep getting confused with the other company all of a sudden, and Fitbit’s marketing and logo are very similar to their early marketing material and logo. They want Fitbit to stop using a “Fitb**” name in the United States.

In a statement, Fitbit’s CEO says that the company is “surprised by the allegations contained in Fitbug’s complaint.”

Fitbug sues Fitbit, charging patent infringement [Chicago Tribune]
Fitbug Files Complaint Against Fitbit, Alleging Trademark Infringement as well as Unfair Competition and Business Practices [Business Wire]

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