Man Gets 15 Months In Jail For Plane Hoax, Has To Write 38 Apology Letters To Passengers

Just in case you ever need a really good reason not to call in a fake bomb threat to an airplane, look no farther than the incident last year where armed agents swarmed a tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport, arrested one guy on the U.S. Airways flight and freaked out a whole bunch of travelers: Turns out the call was made by another man, jealous of a Facebook photo of his girlfriend that the other man had posted. He’s in big trouble now.

A judge in Philadelphia was none too pleased with the man, a 26-year-old pizza cook who called authorities and said his rival had explosives on a flight heading to Dallas. He’s sentenced him to 15 months in jail and ordered him to send written apologies to 38 passengers who witnessed the incident.

The Associated Press also offers this fun nugget — the judge apparently told the man that he should spend more time looking in the mirror and less looking at Facebook. You got told, kid.

Pa. man who called in plane hoax over love triangle gets 15 months; passengers to get apology [Associated Press]

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