14 Months After Delivery, Sears Still Won’t Actually Install Dishwasher

toppling_dishwasherLots of people happily hand-wash their dishes because they don’t want a dishwasher. That’s not the case for one California man, who has washed his dishes by hand for more than a year even though he wants and can totally afford a dishwasher. In fact, he, um, had a dishwasher the whole time. It’s just that when he bought it from Sears, they sort of half-installed it and wandered off, and he couldn’t get anyone at Sears to help him.

“I purchased a brand new dishwasher thinking it would work,” the sad dishwasherless man told ace consumer reporter Kurtis Ming in Sacramento. We’re not quite sure how this happened, but after more than a dozen visits to his home, Sears’ installers and repairmen somehow still managed to not mount the dishwasher.

Calls from a media outlet tend to get companies’ attention, and that was the case with Sears. A few inquiries from a local CBS affiliate accomplished what a half-dozen Sears case managers couldn’t: they got the man a new dishwasher, properly installed, that washes dishes. Imagine that!

After this quick remedial service, would the customer go back to Sears the next time he needs an appliance? No way, he says. “I would never ever buy a Sears appliance, no matter what they did,” he notes.

Call Kurtis: Sears Won’t Install My Dishwasher Properly [CBS Sacramento]

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