Early Roku Adopters Get Amazing Surprise In The Mail



Roku, makers of tiny boxes that stream paid and free content to your television, is a company that has made much of its success on happy customers who evangelize to others. For companies that want to learn how to do that, here’s a lesson. Some early adopters who bought the very first Roku in 2008 received a present in the mail this week: a free Roku 3 with a nice hand-signed card.

We got the attached photos from a post on Reddit (in the Roku subreddit, naturally) and other posters piped up to say that they, too, had received Rokumas gifts in the mail.

Consumerist Reader Surkhab received one, too, and wrote to us about it:

I had already bought a Roku 3 right when it came out, because it seemed like a promising upgrade (and it has been) but their gesture makes me realize that this company knows how to keep customers happy, and so I think they will definitely have a bright future.


That’s true: even without posts like this one and the Reddit post, think about all of the people who are telling their friends and family today, “oh, my gosh, you won’t believe what I got in the mail!”

If you were an early Roku adopter… make sure your address information on file with Roku is correct. Just in case.

Thank You, Roku [Reddit] (Thanks, Paul!)

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