Texas Chain Has No Time For Entendres, Trademarks The Term “Breastaurant”

If you want a $12 meal, you go to Applebee’s, T.G.I. Friday’s or whathaveyou. But if you want a $12 meal with a side of attractive waitress, there’s a wide array of ogling options. And while Hooters might be the first breastaurant that comes to mind, it doesn’t legally own the term . That honor belongs to a Texas-based chain which just nabbed the federal trademark for “breastaurant.”

ABC News reports that the company behind the Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill chain announced the move it made through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which means that only that company can use the term when describing itself.

“We’re really excited about receiving this federal trademark,” the CEO said in a statement. “Our team has worked hard over the last seven years to offer a unique experience to our fans. It just further solidifies that Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is America’s ONLY breastaurant.”


And if Twin Peaks, the Tilted Kilt, Bone Daddy’s or other ogle-while-you-eat operations are miffed, they’re not fessing up to it. At least, Hooters is turning up its nose at the entire affair.


“The restaurant model that others have dubbed ‘breastaurants’ is a moniker too shallow to define Hooters,” the company told ABC recently.


Racy Texas Restaurant Chain Trademarks ‘Breastaurant’ Term [ABC News]


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