T-Mobile iPhone Preorders: A Few Glitches, But Not A Disaster

T-Mobile are pretty excited about the iPhone coming to the carrier, and many customers among our readership have pre-ordered the device. On Monday, we shared reader Richard’s preorder report that he wasn’t able to order at all, no one was able to place a preorder for him, and nobody knew why. We called in for some help from T-Mobile, and asked our readers how their preorders are going.

In Richard’s case, we were able to get him some help from T-Mobile and they took an iPhone order for him over the phone. It should arrive at his house on launch day. How is everyone else doing?

Dean reports:

I ordered the iphone 5 for tmobile and the website was acting up so I decided to call and after two calls I made the order and it went through. Three days later I got an email saying my order has been canceled and I called and they said it’s been happening to others as well.

Jonathan says that his order went just fine, noting, “[the order] went smoothly, although since I am upgrading I have to put down a larger down payment but my monthly payments are smaller. I don’t know why.

Dan found he had the same problem as Richard, and the culprit was his phone insurance. “If you select to continue without the insurance it will work,” he notes. “Then you can have customer service add the insurance when you recieve the phone.”

Finally, Eric wants… some confetti, or something, to celebrate his much-anticipated but uneventful pre-order.

Where I feel they failed, however, is in the post-order experience. I received a copy of my “Equipment Installment Plan Contract”, but nothing more. Not a receipt, not a thank you, not a welcome email. You’d figure for as big of a deal they made out of finally offering the iPhone, they’d want to take a note from the Apple playbook and add a little “surprise and delight” to the customer experience.

Four Days Until The T-Mobile iPhone Goes On Sale…How Are Those Pre-orders Going?

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