Kraft On Future Of Artificial Food Dyes In Mac & Cheese: We Can’t Predict The Future

A few weeks ago two food bloggers started a petition asking Kraft to stop using artificial dyes in its Macaroni & Cheese sold in the U.S. In that time, the petition has collected over 270,000 signatures, all leading up to a meeting between the bloggers and the powers that be at Kraft’s headquarters. She says during that one-hour discussion, Kraft reps told her they “can’t predict the future” regarding food dyes.

According to, the bloggers delivered the signatures at the offices in Chicago, asking Kraft to get rid of Yellow #5 and Yellow #6, which they say only serve aesthetic purposes and claims can contribute to issues like hyperactivity and even cancer in kids.

After the meeting, one of the food bloggers said she hoped Kraft would get rid of the dyes eventually.

“In a one-hour meeting with me and [the other blogger], Kraft told us they ‘can’t predict the future’ of dyes in Macaroni & Cheese,” she said.  “I can give them a preview: if Kraft is anything like the hundreds of other companies facing a consumer uprising online, they’ll eventually start listening to their customers and work with us to ensure the health and safety of all Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products.”

The dyes aren’t used in Kraft products in many countries in Europe, and the bloggers believe the company should take those same steps and remove them here as well. To that end, she and her fellow blogger served up a taste test of the Kraft’s “Cheesey Pasta,” a product sold in the U.K. that doesn’t contain the dyes at issue.

“If Kraft really wants to do right by their customers, like they’ve said, they’ll make their American products just as safe as their European ones.”

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