Worst Company In America Round 1: Bank Of America Vs. Capital One

Your NCAA bracket might already be busted, but how are you doing with your WCIA predictions? Starting off today’s bloodshed is a showdown featuring the tournament’s perennial bridesmaid.

Though Bank of America technically has a Golden Poo statue — which we presume decorates the mantle over the fireplace in Brian Moynihan’s leather-bound-book-filled library — it inherited when it purchased Countrywide, BofA has yet to earn a WCIA championship on its own. It came so close in 2011, losing in the finals by less than 2% of the vote to BP and its oil-spilling ways. Because of the narrow loss, we created the Silver Poo so BofA wouldn’t feel left out.

The bank experienced yet another second-place finish last year, when it lost to Electronic Arts, but the defeat did little to curb BofA’s zeal to win this contest.

According to data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, BofA was the slowest of the eight major credit card servicers to respond to customer complaints, and last in terms of providing monetary relief to complaining customers. It was also dead last on the latest ACSI survey.

It did things like charging a customer $4,000 for a protection plan then refusing to show any evidence the customer had signed up for it, and screwing up a mortgage adjustment so badly the homeowner ended up owing $14,500 more than she had before.

And of course the young man who simply could not get Bank of America to believe that his mother had passed away.

Though the huge $25 billion multistate robosigning settlement is in the books, BofA is still being targeted by investors, Fannie Mae, and the federal government.

Hoping to play the Wichita State to Bank of America’s Gonzaga, Capital One isn’t ready to just accept defeat at the hands of more feared foe.

CapOne has never been big on the whole “customer service” thing, and that didn’t change in the last 12 months. It was sued by a woman who says the bank tried to collect on her for a card she never requested; there’s the customer who saw her credit score plummet after the bank failed to send her a single credit card bill; and customers who were told they had to pick a new type of checking account lest they pushed into the most expensive category.

It ticked off a lot of people by not only buying ING Direct, but then renaming the online operation as Capital One 360. CapOne also earned hate from some former HSBC credit card customers when it took over those operations last year.

And let’s not forget the $140 million Capital One had to repay credit card customers who were misled into unnecessary payment protection programs.

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This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2013 series. The companies competing for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. See the entire WCIA 2013 bracket HERE.

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