Either American Eagle Is Playing An Early April Fool’s Joke, Or Spray-On Jeans Are Real

Those look really tight, huh?

Those look really tight, huh?

When any clothing item appears to come in a can, one might reasonably assume that a retailer is messing with people. But if American Eagle is punking the public with its “AEO Skinny Skinny Jeans” as seen in a new ad on its site, it’s pretty darn early for April Fool’s Day.

In a short clip posted on the American Eagle Outfitters site, three teensomethings talk about passion, life, doing what you love — and wearing like, the skinniest jeans.

Indeed, said “pants,” as shown in the video, appear to conform exactly to the shape of the actors’ and actress’ legs. And there are spray cans pictured below it, so…

We tried clicking through to “buy” the Skinny Skinny jeans but a pop-up says they’re sold out. Not shocking as “only 1,000” of the limited edition “pants” are available.

Conclusion: We call early April Fool’s shenanigans. And, duh.

*Thanks for the tip, Dessa!

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