My Lemon Of An iMac Broke Down After Only Six Days

Trevor just acquired a beautiful new 27″ iMac. We’d be totally jealous if the computer were still working, but it’s not. It suddenly died after he had been using it for only six days, and he can’t revive it. iMac, nooo! Come back! He’s never getting his iMac back, and has to wait a few weeks for a replacement.

He writes:

Recently I purchased the new thinner 27″ iMac to replace my fading Dell Tower and even more ancient G5 tower. I placed my order on February 16th with full knowledge that there was a 3-4 week wait. I had mine shipped to my local Apple store because I didn’t want the delivery person chucking it at my door step. Finally, on March 12th, I received notice that my iMac was ready for pickup and after almost a month of waiting, so was I.

I went to the Apple store and picked up my brand new iMac, brought it home, and began the long process of transferring large amounts of data and applications from the two old towers to my new one. Mostly I was backing stuff up to external thunderbolt drive. Then on March 16th, while starting a new campaign of Starcraft II, the iMac shut off suddenly.

I sat for a second confused.

I pressed the power button.


Quick research online and tried some various resets on it like unplugging the power cord for 15 seconds. Nothing. Not even the external devices worked. So, I scheduled a trip to the Genius Bar the next day.

I knew in my gut that this was not good and that not much was going to come of bringing it in. It was a custom iMac (more RAM, larger hard drive) for my needs of video editing. Sure enough, the gentleman at the Genius Bar couldn’t get it to start. It was ‘fried’. So, what are my options with a computer not even a week old? I could have them try to fix it (not likely) or I could ‘return it’ and order again online. The latter is what I went with. So, now I sit here computer-less waiting again until April 2nd to get another iMac.

That’s very sad. If they know what’s causing the computers to self-fry, should they be selling them at all?

Have you bought a non-working iMac of the same model, or a recent vintage? Let us know.

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