McDonald’s China Improves On Hamburger By Slapping A Couple Of Sausages On Top

Forget that egg white McMuffin... bring us this thing.

Forget that egg white McMuffin… bring us this thing.

Not enough meat on your McDonald’s burger? Throw another patty on. Still not sufficient? Forget going for a third patty, when you can just toss on a couple of sausage links.

That’s exactly what you get with the accurately titled Sausage Double Beef Burgers at McDonald’s restaurants in China. It appears to be nothing more than two slaps of burger, two sausages, mustard and a bun.

“We’re guessing Mickey D’s corp begrudgingly included the bread,” writes FoodBeast’s Charisma Madarang of the sandwich, which would run you the equivalent of around $2.82.

As the folks at BrandEating pointed out, McDonald’s Germany occasionally offers a sandwich featuring three sausages and crispy onions, but no burger patty base.

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