Coca-Cola Peddling New “Fruitwater” Beverage… Without Any Actual Fruit In It

People like fizzy, flavored drinks but with consumers moving toward the healthy side of things, beverage companies are a bit wary of getting Bloomberged if there’s sugary stuff in those products. Coca-Cola has come up with a solution — calorie-free fizziness with the word “fruit” in the title, but um, no actual fruit in the drink.

So it’s not bad for you, sugar-wise, but it’s also not really fruity, either. Except in the taste.

The company says it’ll be rolling out its new line of zero-calorie, bubbly, fruit-flavored waters under the name Fruitwater starting April 1. It’s part of the Glaceau family which already includes Vitaminwater and Smartwater (but are there any “smarts” in that water? So confusing!).

Fruitwater is set apart from its brethren because it’s made with sucralose, or Splenda, while calorie-free version of Vitaminwater contains natural sweetener stevia. A spokeswoman confirms to the Associated Press that it’ll come in black raspberry, orange mango, strawberry kiwi, lemon lime and watermelon punch.

Instead of containing real fruit juice, the new stuff will have “enhanced nutrients” like B vitamins, magnesium and zinc. Just as appetizing as a nice, juicy raspberry, eh?

Coca-Cola is likely trying to lure those customers who favor a fizzy, flavored drink over plain old water, but don’t want to drink soda anymore as the nation’s obesity concerns grow. We suppose Fruitwater has more of a zing to it than say, Waterwater.

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