Another Day, Another Carnival Cruise Ship Reports Problems At Sea

This logo haunts our dreams.

This logo haunts our dreams.

Yesterday we were shocked, simply shocked, to hear that yet Carnival cruise ship was having problems of the sewage-spewing nature. Passengers are scheduled to make it off the Dream soon without having to go through the days at sea the Triumph gang suffered through. But today is a new day, and with that new day comes fresh news of an entirely separate and beleaguered Carnival ship, the Legend.

CNN reports that the Carnival Cruise ship Legend is having technical difficulties of the kind that are mucking up its sailing speed. The ship is on the last part of its seven-day Caribbean cruise that left out of Tampa on Sunday.

That issue has caused Carnival to cancel a scheduled stop in Grand Cayman and will instead go directly back to Tampa. It sounds like it’ll arrive on schedule, but passengers are still feeling a bit grumpy. Treasure those working toilets, people.

“Passengers are now really pissed off,” a passenger told CNN via e-mail. “Mood on the ship is getting worse among passengers, captain is giving limited information.”

So far the cruise line is promising $100 and some other refunds and discounts to make up for the issue.

“Carnival Legend is experiencing a technical issue with one of the ship’s Azipod units that is affecting the vessel’s sailing speed,” the cruise company said. “The ship’s safety systems and hotel services are all functioning normally.”

Alas, likely none of these disgruntled Carnival passengers will be successful if they try to sue the cruise line, as we noted back in the days of the ill-fated Poop Cruise.

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