Anthony Clark Is Calling From My Virgin Mobile Phone. I Am Not.

Who is Anthony Clark? Steve doesn’t know him, but for some reason, that’s what the Caller ID on his mobile phone says when he places calls. His clients don’t know who Anthony is, so they won’t pick up the phone when his name on Caller ID. Virgin Mobile doesn’t know how the name got there, who Anthony is, or how to make him go away.

“Who the Hell is Anthony Clark?” Steve entitled his first e-mail to Sprint executives, which he copied us on.

…And why is his name on my Verizon Mobile phone and not mine?

I’ve been trying to resolve this since November and Virgin Mobile finally admitted today they simply can’t do it.

They can’t put a new customer’s name on Caller ID. You’re stuck with the name of whomever used your phone number last!

Back in October, I walked into the local Sprint store and bought a Virgin Mobile phone. It could give me coverage beyond my normal AT&T coverage area–if I could use it.

But I can’t. When I call people, the name that comes up on their Caller ID is “Anthony Clark.” My business clients don’t know who he is and won’t take the calls, so I haven’t used the phone since last year.

This month, I tried again. Virgin Mobile had done nothing since I complained in November. Today, I discovered they’d done nothing since I complained on March 5. And they admitted they can’t. They could make me “Wireless Caller” (so my clients would think I’m phone-spam) or leave me as “Anthony Clark” forever. But they can’t make me “Steve [My Actual Last Name],” which I am.

I’d be glad to talk about it and I have good notes on Virgin Mobile. Just don’t call my VM mobile, [redacted]. I keep it off. Maybe Anthony has his on.

So far, Virgin Mobile is saying that Anthony Clark can have his name on my phone–but I can’t. I’ve been through several layers of support with them and they have no fix.

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