From The Museum Of Failed Informercial Products: Fushies

Cushy Fushies!

Cushy Fushies!

For every Snuggie and Slap Chop, products that transcend direct-response ads to become cultural touchstones, there are many, many more flops. Once they were new and exciting products that filled a need you never thought you had, but they never caught on. Their web sites sit empty and even the trademarks have been abandoned. But thanks to YouTube, the ridiculous ads will live forever.

That’s the case with Fushies, brightly-colored pillows that you strap to your feet when fuzzy slippers or putting your feet on a cushioned ottoman is simply not enough. They combine the style sense of the Snuggie with the glamour of a foot cast.

Fushies launched in late 2011, but the company behind them abandoned the trademark the following year. The product’s website is no longer up, and the only trace the product has left behind are videos of its ad on the virtual reels of the production company and of the infomercial-centric studio where it was filmed.

Fushies [YouTube]

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