Get My Daughter A Full-Time Job And I’ll Give You 500 Bucks

Sorry, that’s not a direct offer from Consumerist: we don’t have daughters, or $500. A 36-year-old Southern California woman who has spent the last decade and a half as her mother’s caregiver after a car crash is looking for a job now that her mother is well enough to live alone. Her mother has put up a $500 reward to anyone who is able to get her a job.

Sixteen years ago, a drunk driver hit the mother’s car in what didn’t seem like a very serious crash. Later, doctors found that she had dementia due to head trauma. The daughter rushed to her side and has stayed there ever since. They lived on disability benefits, money from the daughter’s part-time work, and government funds paid to family caregivers. The mother still can’t work, but recently got a doctor’s approval to live alone. That means that the caregiver money has run out, but also that the daughter is free to get a full-time job for the first time in her adult life.

Her mother wants to help. How is she doing that? Standing by the side of the road with a poster and handing out resumes.

There are restrictions, of course. This former model isn’t going to take just any old job. It has to be in an office (no more home caregiving, apparently), and has to pay $15 per hour or more.

In the current economy, this plan may not work out as well as the other anticipated: motorists often stop and tell the mother that they’re looking for a job, too.

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