This Exists: Wax Vac, The Ear Canal Sucking Machine

This ear canal vacuum is fun and healthy!

This ear canal vacuum is fun and healthy!

The best infomercial/direct-response ad products solve problems that you had no idea you had. The Chia Pet? The Topsy Tail? The Shake Weight? The Snuggie? The Comfort WipeAll things that your life would have continued just fine without, but they make so much sense that you simply must have them. We’re not sure that’s the case with the Wax Vac, which combines the glamor of an ear thermometer with all of the fun of sticking an electric sucking machine in your ear while grinning.

Does this thing actually work? We haven’t heard anything from our colleagues at Consumer Reports Health, but TV station KFVS bought a few vacs and gave them a try. Their verdict: No.

Wax Vac [Official Site]
Does it Work Wednesday: Wax Vac [KFVS]

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