Is This 25% Tip A Come-On Or Just A Generous Bit Of Rounding Up?

Despite the fact that we are adults and quite mature and even wear real pants when we work from home (sometimes), that doesn’t mean we don’t chuckle at suggestive things. Like, well, the total on this waiter’s receipt [cue giggle].

The waiter posted the above snap of the receipt on Reddit, writing that he’d served a group of middle-aged women and implied that they might want a piece of his ah, anatomy. Because if the tipster was just giving the usual 15% or even a nice 20%, the total would’ve been anywhere between $63 and $66.

But instead, she did the math to make the total exactly $69, which, tee hee, wink wink and nudge nudge, is a “naughty” number.

What do you think, dear readers?

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