Man Reunited With His Wallet And The $800 Inside Three Years After He Lost It

What’s lost is often gone for good, as anyone who’s ever misplaced a wallet or a phone has had the misfortune to discover. But perhaps it’s an even better to recover something  years after you figured you’d never see again, like a man who was reunited with his wallet full of $800 in cash three years after it went missing.

A Delaware man who works as a trash thrower, you know, the guy who hangs on the back of the garbage truck and scoops up bins along the route, thought he’d never see his wallet again. He tells the Delaware New Journal that three years ago his wallet disappeared during a day on the job, and he and the truck’s driver couldn’t find it at the end of the shift.

There’s a lot of chances for a wallet to disappear with all that trash going into the truck, so he chalked it up as a loss and moved on with his life, $800 poorer. He’d been planning on use the cash to buy a new TV, which he did anyway.

“I wrote it off, honestly. I’d lost it, done and gone,” he said. “Ain’t no sense in harping about it or crying over spilled milk. Keep moving.”

Fast forward to now, when a farmer in Maine who had purchased the city’s truck in an auction and discovered the wallet when he took the vehicle apart. The wallet had apparently been wedged into the bench seat frame, and hadn’t been chucked with the trash that day so long ago.

“My supervisor said, ‘I have something that belongs to you.’ And he showed me my wallet,” the man said, with all the money inside. The anonymous farmer had mailed the wallet back without disturbing any of its contents.

“I was real surprised it came back with everything. … It happens to restore a lot of faith that there are still some good people out there,” he adds.

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After 3 years, wallet – and cash – returned [Delaware New Journal]

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