Whoever Stole A Jukebox From Hooters Probably Mad It Dispenses Sweet Tunes Instead Of Cash

On one hand, the two men suspected of boosting a jukebox from a Hooters restaurant in San Diego are probably bummed if they thought it was an ATM. But on the other — how sweet would it be to have your own jukebox? Well, if it hadn’t been stolen. Because stealing is wrong, even if you think you’re stealing one thing and it’s actually something else.

Police tell 10News that surveillance video shows two people breaking into the Hooters through a glass door and leaving with a jukebox. Investigators believe the twosome thought they were stealing an ATM full of cold hard cash instead of a music machine full of good times and rock ‘n’ roll.

Using a tow strap from the suspects’ truck, the alleged thieves wrapped it around the five-foot tall jukebox that bears the Hooters logo and sits in lobby. One of the suspects pushed it toward the entrance and together they boosted it into the truck and drove off.

We can picture the scene back at the (alleged) villains’ lair: “Dude, get me $50 out of there.” “Uh, how about ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ instead?”

Police: Thieves stole jukebox from Rancho Bernardo Hooters, thought it was ATM [10News.com]

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