Macy’s Consumer Protection Department: Still Protecting Consumers By Canceling Their Orders

Last year, we learned that Macy’s has a Consumer Protection Department tasked with protecting consumers by canceling their orders. We think. That’s what it looks like from here, anyway. John stumbled across our post on the subject, Macy’s Consumer Protection Department Protects Me By Canceling My Orders, and wrote in to share his own experience. Ultimately, his order went through, but only after he gave his credit card info over the phone. That means he lost $80 in eBates credit that he would have received for placing his order through the rebate site.

He writes:

I have the same exact issue going on. Actually, I am in a large fight with Macy’s over it. Well, I placed an order on Febuary 8th for a ring that was onsale for $1300.

about an hour after purchasing I get an email that they could not verify my credit card and my order has been canceled. So thinking I must have put information in wrong, I tried again.

This time on Febuary 9th in the am I received the same email saying they couldnt verify my credit card information. All my information matched my bank exactly. So I called customer service who gladly put the order through without a hitch, excluding me from the almost $80 I was due from ebates. Worse than this, they actually had charged me 3 times for the ring and they had to fax my credit card company two documents to get two of the charges removed. I will be filing a BBB and Attorney general claim against Macy’s.

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