You Think You Can Just Scoot Into Walmart & Set It On Fire While You Shoplift? Nope.

Apologies for the headline because of course you are physically able to ride a motorized shopping cart into Walmart and set stuff on fire as a diversion tactic while boosting items, but you should not do so and will likely be caught. Just like the guy who is accused of trying that same stunt in Ohio.

Police tell 10TVNews that a man rode over to a rack of clothing on a motorized shopping cart and set it on fire using a can of paint from the store as an accelerant. The paint was later found near the charred remains of the sacrificial rack.

Once the blaze was set, the man allegedly went off to steal other items from the store. Because obviously a fire is going to distract employees pretty well.

He’s facing a charge of aggravated arson, but it’s unclear whether or not he’s in hot water for trying to allegedly steal whatever merchandise was involved.

Considering that the headline wasn’t about “WALMART BURNS DOWN!” we’ll hope the fire wreaked minimal havoc and that no one was hurt.

*Thanks to GitEmSteveDave for the tip!

Man Riding Motorized Shopping Cart Accused Of Setting Fire Inside Walmart As Diversion To Shoplift [10TVNews]

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