Ticketmaster Ditched CAPTCHA Codes But Hey, Look At This Deal From Our Partners!

Our answer is probably unacceptable.

Our answer is probably unacceptable.

We all did a little jig of glee upon the news that Ticketmaster would no longer be inflicting garbled, incredibly difficult phrases on its customers, who were left trying to decipher if kyrshztosiglormp was right or not. But is this new, CAPTCHA-less future better if it means having products and services from Ticketmaster and its partners thrown at customers?

Consumerist reader David noticed he was getting an offer for Dish Network, and indeed, at almost the verysamemoment, yours truly was purchasing tickets to a comedy show and made note of it as well. Instead of trying to figure out which letter is which, users are asked to type in a marketing phrase linked to the product.

His take:

Of course, it wouldn’t be Ticketwhoremaster without figuring out a way to simultaneously continue to annoy their customers AND now add a revenue stream. It seems while they’ve eliminated the crazy words, they’ve replaced them with marketing jargon. Different ones come up each time.

So far it seems to be limited to Dish, along with phrases like “I can’t wait to share,” with a picture of Facebook and the imaginary user sharing on social media the fact that they bought Ticketmaster tickets. Subtle, Ticketmaster. Very subtle.

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