Why Does Chase Keep E-Mailing Me About My Closed Non-Zombie Account?

Elizabeth wishes that Chase would stop sending her emails. They’re not spam, exactly: she used to be a customer. But she’s getting e-mails as if she still had accounts there, and she closed hers more than a year ago. She was afraid that it has gone zombie: that is, that it’s been mysteriously re-opened without her permission to make unwanted payments and devour her credit score.

I have a situation that I need some help with. Three times over the last month, I’ve received emails from Chase. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that I closed the checking and savings account I had with them a year and a half ago and moved to a local credit union. I figured the first email could be a fluke, so I didn’t worry too much about it. Then, I got a second email, and after seeing all the stories on the site about accounts being reopened with the owners unaware, I went down to my local branch. The Chase representative showed me that my accounts were well and truly closed, and just waiting to be purged from the system – the savings account was already gone. He even changed my profile to “Do not contact, ever” to try and stop the emails.

Today, another one arrived. I’m now out of ideas on how to get Chase to stop emailing me, as I’ve done everything I can as far as their system is concerned. It’s making me worry that the account is going rogue.

Save going back to the local branch again (where I think they’ll laugh at me over three fricking emails), I’m out of ideas.

There are customer service options other than your local branch, though they’re probably the friendliest. Send a letter to the company, including printouts of the offending e-mails: someone in online banking might be able to figure out why the account has gone rogue.

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