I Want Toys ‘R’ Us Protection Plan Help, Manager Threatens To Call Cops

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It wasn’t very long ago at all that Esdras went to Toys ‘R’ Us and bought a tablet for his son. Barely four months ago, he picked up the KD Interactive Android tablet, along with a protection plan. A protection plan is generally a good idea when you combine a toddler and an electronic device, even if it is one designed especially for kids. Where Esdras got confused, though, was when the cashier gave him incorrect instructions regarding the protection plan. Just bring the item back if he had any problems, he was told. No plan brochure, no details, nothing.

Esdras says that he was told to just bring it back. Only that’s not how the Toys ‘R’ Us protection plan works. Something went very wrong, and store staff ultimately blame Esdras. Esdras blames the clerk. We’re not sure who the clerk blames. Probably Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Back in October 29. 2012 I purchased a KD interactive Tablet for my son from the ToysRUs store in [redacted] with the protection plan. As a rewards members, I have spent several hundred dollars over the past five years for my kids [at this particular store] and when purchasing this tablet it was no different from other times. The clerk simply stated, bring the item back if you have any issues and we will take care of for you under the protection plan.

No pamphlet, no further instructions, just my receipt.

Well, lo and behold, the tablet stopped working for my son and I decided to go back to the store for assistance. When approaching the counter, the young lady decides to give me a lecture on having to register my product through a website and file any claims through that site and not the store. I told her what the clerk had told me and she absolutely refused to handle anything and instead decided to call the “manager”.

The manager heard my plea and all he did was give the the brochure on how it works and told me to register the claim through there. So far so good? NO!!! When I asked for them to print my receipt for me, the manager then proceeded to walk away from the counter stating I was harassing them by asking for that and said he would call the police! I said, how do I register the product without the receipt, to which he said “that is your problem!”

Needless to say I walked away and trying to get a hold of anyone from the district has been as useless as finding a needle in a haystack.

Shame on these people. A quick search for my Toyrus charges in the financial bookeeping software addition came up with over $1800 in purchases including our baby “stuff” over the last 24 months only to be treated like this by some kid in that store.

Never again will I ever purchase anything from TOYSRUS!

It helps to back up and figure out what the problem is that Toys ‘R’ Us needs to solve. Is it “I need a new tablet” or “the cashier who helped me back in October did not explain how to sign up for the protection plan”? Regular customer service (1-800-869-7787) might be able to help with that if you have the receipt at home. Other customers have found help from the social media representatives on the chain’s Facebook page.

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