Apple Products Could Be Arriving In Staples Stores Soon

Be still, beating hearts that are devoted to both Staples and Apple products. A series of tweets from various higher-ups at Staples seem to indicate that the retail chain will finally start carrying Apple items in the near future, after having being kept out of the cool kids club of Target, Best Buy, Walmart and RadioShack for years.

In a tweet from Staples’ Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources Regis Mulot, which has since been deleted, it sounds like the future union of Staples and Apple is a sure thing.

Apple Insider reports that his tweet read: “After Canada, #Apple products arecoming to #Staples in US. Great news!”

Others at the company celebrated with apple pie while everyone was apparently at a corporate meeting.

Staples Strategic Accounts Coordinator Erin LaFlamme wrote:

While Apple Insider says Field Services Manager Mike Goggin (his tweets are protected) chimed in with: “Staples just finalized a deal to begin selling Apple products #finally”

Neither Apple nor Staples have confirmed any such arrangement but unless those execs were faking their the instant exuberance, it seems likely.

Staples to start selling Apple products in U.S., executive says [u] [Apple Insider]

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