Idaho State Police Ignoring Tastiness Of Bacon, Cracking Down On Infused Alcohol Drinks

What’s better than bacon or a tumbler of whiskey? Whiskey infused with bacon, of course (if you’re a fan of that sort of thing and well, we are). But Idaho State Police have started cracking down in Boise at establishments that are serving up infused alcohol, citing state law. 

In order to infuse your average bottle of liquor, you’ve got to open it and stick whatever it is inside you want to infuse it with — bacon, basil, cinnamon, peppers, etc. — and that process is a no-no for the Alcohol Beverage Control Unit, says the Associated Press.

The infusions could make someone sick or the booze could be replaced with a cheaper brand, unbeknownst to customers, say cops.

“From our perspective, (bars) have to sell liquor by the drink,” said a lieutenant with the state police. “You can’t take it out of a bottle, replace it and then sell it again. That is illegal. This is really a consumer protection issue. We don’t know what people are putting in those bottles. There is a reason the rules are written the way they are.”

Bar owners are experiencing infusion confusion at this recent crackdown, including one bar owner who says his staff has been flavoring its liquor for a decade.

“I guess my question is: ‘How is this benefiting anyone?'” he said. “We don’t feel angry about it. But it is strange.”

Our advice? Time to stick a toothpick in a slice of bacon wrapped in cheese, pop that sucker in a Bloody Mary and call it a day.

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