Ambitious Thief Walks Out Of Costco With 24 Bottles Of Motor Oil Wrapped Around His Body



If you’re going to shoplift from a warehouse store, you might as well do it in bulk, right? At least that seemed to be the thinking of one California man, who used bungee cords to secure 24 bottles of motor oil to his body and then headed for the doors.

Store employees apparently noticed the man was bulkier than when he came in, and presumably making an odd sloshing sound. They attempted to stop him, but he ran away, trailing bottles as he ran down nearby streets.

“He looked kind of heavy and out of shape,” one area resident tells KCAL9 in Los Angeles about watching the wannabe shoplifter attempt his getaway.

The man did manage to get a full eight blocks before finally being caught. Perhaps more impressive, he only dropped nine of the 24 bottles while running.

As for the motive behind the foiled oil heist, a police rep tells CBS that the suspect “apparently changes oil as his profession and it’s just too expensive.”

Police found another 50 bottles of oil in the man’s car, though they did not yet know whether it was stolen. If so, then maybe other stores in the area might want to have their employees’ eyes checked, because no one should be able to go through the process of bungee-cording 24 bottles of oil to their body, let alone make it out the door.

Then again, there was that guy in Virginia who successfully stole 26 gallons of milk from Walmart — all while dressed as a cow.

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