Kraft Suing Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, Claiming Rights To Cheese Since 1954

You might not be aware of it, but this town isn’t big enough for more than one company to sell Cracker Barrel branded products. At least that’s what Kraft is claiming in a lawsuit aimed at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores Inc., after the company started to sell Cracker Barrel items outside of its own restaurants and stores. 

Kraft is peeved because it said in court documents that it’s had the exclusive right to peddle those products since 1954, reports Reuters. It says a marketing license agreement between the Cracker Barrel and the John Morrell Food Group should be void, claiming it violates its rights to the brand.

Cracker Barrel signed a deal in November to start selling certain products in retail locations beyond its own restaurants, and Kraft says that would cut into its market. All Cracker Barrel products sold at grocery stores have been from Kraft or licensed from Kraft since 1954, and not the restaurant chain bearing its name.

Besides, says Kraft, it’s not like Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores has ever sold much by way of food anywhere other than on its own restaurants. Kraft wants that line of separation to stay intact, and its reign as the only Cracker Barrel peddler in town to continue unchallenged.

Just so long as we can still buy the cheese, okay guys? Don’t let this dispute change that, please.

Kraft Foods sues restaurant chain over Cracker Barrel product sales [Reuters]

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