Mother Probably Less Concerned With Size Of Subway Sandwich Than The Glass Shards In It

Today’s news is all shards and we haven’t stopped cringing: First it was the potential for metal shards in pizza and now a mother is claiming her three-year-old daughter ate pieces of glass that were allegedly inside her Subway sandwich. Kinda makes all those complaints of 11-inch Footlongs seem a bit less important because hey, at least they’re shard-free.

Sun News in Canada reports on the case of the little girl who, her mother is claiming, suffered cuts to the roof of her mouth, cheek and tongue after eating half a six-inch turkey sandwich from Subway last week. The mom says the company is being far from helpful so far.

“They’re just not contacting us,” she said. “There’s nothing being done,” by Subway’s head office, she added. “They’ve given us nothing but the runaround and pretty much downplayed everything that’s happened.”

But Subway says that’s not so and that they’ve been talking to the mom about the incident.

“There is a customer who allegedly found a foreign object in her sandwich” said a development agent with Subway. “We have started an investigation and our franchisee has taken proper precautions and contacted all the appropriate people throughout Subway. The customer has been contacted by our insurance company… and as of right now we are still waiting for answers.”

According to her mother, the three-year-old went to the hospital to get checked out, but a doctor said the cuts in her mouth wouldn’t require stitches and sent them home. She also claims that together with the doctor, she discovered seven more pieces of glass in the remainder of the sandwich.

A return trip to the doctor was required the next morning, maintains the mom, after the girl went to the bathroom and two more pieces of glass showed up after a trip through her insides. The girl had an ultrasound to rule out internal damage.

Subway isn’t the only one looking into the incident — the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is starting its own investigation now, after a local inspector found that restaurant workers had set aside some lettuce that seemed suspicious and were instead using another product. It’s unclear whether they noticed glass or were just preferring a different bin.

The CFIA is looking into the lettuce supplier as well as looking at the remaining ingredients in the sandwich to find out exactly where the glass came from.

Tot chews glass in Subway sub [Sun News]

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