I’m Just So Relieved My Chalk Pen Arrived Safely Encased In This Huge Bed Of Air

Image courtesy of All byyyy myyyyself...

All byyyy myyyyself...

All byyyy myyyyself…

Sometimes we think Amazon’s band of size-blind, extra packing material enthusiasts are sleeping on the job, neglecting to amuse us with their funny ideas about shipping things in ginormous boxes with too much packing material. But then they pop up and surprise us and we remember why we started paying attention to them in the first place.

For example, Consumerist reader Chris ordered a simple thing, a small thing, an item that could normally be shipped in say, a padded envelope or perhaps, if one were to get crazy, a small box. But did Amazon’s shipping gang ship his chalk pen in a small box?


I ordered a chalk pen from Amazon and it came in this massive box today, all by itself!

Good job, chalk pen! And high five to you, you crazy Amazon shipping gang, you!

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