Lenovo Keeps Canceling Your Thinkpad Order, Forgets To Tell You

No Thinkpad for you.

No Thinkpad for you.

Alejandro wants to buy a Lenovo Thinkpad, but Lenovo doesn’t think he should have one. Well, that’s not quite fair: maybe it’s nothing personal about Alejandro. All he knows is that he’s tried to order a computer twice in the last three weeks, and twice the order has been canceled. He contacts Lenovo, and no one will give him a reason for the cancelation.

Hello, since late December I have been trying to place an order for a Lenovo Thinkpad T430. The first time I placed an order was on December 29. A few business days later I get an email telling me the order has been cancelled. No information is provided as to why and they leave a number for you to call. I called but I got tired of waiting after 30 minutes. Decided that maybe they ran out or I had mistyped my credit card information.

Foolish me placed another order on January 1st hoping that I could get it right this time. Same story as before, order got cancelled a few days later with no explanation but I didn’t call them either. Then twice foolish me placed yet another order on Jan 11th. This time I didn’t even receive an email telling me it was cancelled, I had to go through my lenovo account to find that out. Tried the chat, called them, they keep telling me to wait and to be patient in order to get to a sales associate. Not anymore.

I like their thinkpads but this is too much. I’m buying somewhere else.

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