Victims Of Costa Concordia Crash Say Carnival’s Directors Share Blame With Ship Captain

When the Costa Concordia crashed into rocks off the coast of Italy, its captain was allegedly the one who decided to risk the tricky maneuver that was the ship’s undoing. But lawyers for the victims’ families say he isn’t the lone wrongdoer, insisting on the one-year anniversary of the tragedy that the cruise line bosses at Carnival share the blame for promoting those kinds of ship salutes.

According to The Mirror over in the UK, a new report claims that the bigwigs at Carnival “not only tolerated, but promoted” the kind of risky move the Costa Concordia pulled. That apparent attempt to show off to islanders near the port of Giglio, Italy ended up with the cruise ship wrecked on the rocks, killing 32 people.

The ship’s captain will go on trial to face charges of manslaughter and abandoning the ship as its passengers tried to get into lifeboats. Italian lawyers say he shouldn’t be on the hook by himself, and have included allegations in their report from the Livorno Port Authority that  “neither Costa nor Carnival cared about controlling or preventing” the salutes.

It isn’t just the victim’s families that feel the blame doesn’t fall squarely on the shoulders of one individual, as the captain himself told an Italian newspaper: “I may have made a mistake, but I was not alone.”

Carnival isn’t commenting on the allegations as litigation is currently underway.

Costa Concordia tragedy: Victims blame British directors of luxury liner for disaster [The Mirror]

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